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recommendation for a good digi camera?

Any cheap pocket digi camera will do the trick. We broke 2 Leica X cams in less than half a year…
Saturday 22.Apr, 2023

is their an age minimum for gigs?

Depends on the venue always check flyer
Tuesday 18.Apr, 2023

favorite pair of jeans?

a bootcut perchance. anything with a nice leg opening around 8.5"/9". always take to a sewing machine to get the shape right
Tuesday 28.Mar, 2023

when is the new music coming?

new music is in the code already for those who dig deep!
Wednesday 22.Mar, 2023

Need another la house prty tbh

ur house?
Tuesday 21.Mar, 2023

can u upload on spotfiy?

only here!
Sunday 19.Mar, 2023

London when?

set it up m8
Sunday 19.Mar, 2023

Seriously when shirts

early April!
Sunday 19.Mar, 2023

When shirts?

when shorts
Sunday 19.Mar, 2023

come to NY?

we'll play in brooklyn april 20
Thursday 16.Mar, 2023