French 75

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"French 75" or "F75" is a short interlude from the Kinky Girls From Big Cities Demo CD. Similar to "Suspicious Assumptions" and "My Arms" it concludes the story of lovers looking for an out from their current situations. Due to it's chord similarity, it is considered an outro to "My Arms" and a live changeover to the intro of "Plaid Suits"


Darling, easygoing
She's a glimmer of sun in the morning
Her holding warm mugs and giving her tired hugs,
how fun that we were so young
Round the corner, come here and meet me
It's still Manhattan, just get a taxi
Kills for a French 75 on Houston after a breakup with a guy, only seconds and she's mine, mine

She's not falling into anyones arms except for my own two I want to go meet you
and you say loving her is a bit too hard
For a boy like you'll be completely ruined
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