Really Couldn't Care

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"Really Couldn't Care" is a song from 1$T. It is the only song that currently has a music video accompaniment. The video was done by 1$T with the help of friends shot in mainly Los Angeles.


Oh loves got a killing a punch to the villians
I'm beyond you forcing your stay
You saw, you saw my
My throne in the picture,
You knew I was patient but baby you'll never be king

So go and ride for me baby, go die for me baby
I really, really couldn't care
So go and cry for me baby, say bye to me baby
And maybe then you'll disappear

So I'm gonna let the whole thing drop
make sure for my own sake that when you're gone,
It's gonna be like you were never here.
and I'm gonna wish upon every single star in the sky that falls
For a lifetime that I don't need
Because I don't need you or you,
I don't need you or you,

Well you motherfucker,
should've left you down in the gutter,
drenched like a pussy-wussy
well is this how gonna treat me?
That's how you're gonna treat me?

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